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rauldandrea's Journal

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Yah just gotta figure it out from my interests and memberships :-)
80's bbses, 80's music, 80s music, ai, ai fiction, ai movies, ais in fiction, alarm annunciators, alarm panels, albertus medium font, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence fiction, artificial intelligence movies, as it happens, bbses, bbws, beautiful labeling, beautiful names, beautiful words, beer tins, bell control systems, bewitched, bewitched tv show, big girls, buck rogers 25th century, buella pearl, capital letter d, capital letter l, century gothic font, commodore, computer bulletin boards, computers in fiction, constructive people, control panels, cookie tins, cosmetic tubes, cracker tins, dawnielle and herbie, duran duran, eastern europeans, electromedics, electronic devices, factory automation, female computers, fictional computers, flight, flying, funny commercials, gadgets, geek humor, geek jokes, gizmos, green day, human flight, hyacinth, hyperdoll, hyperdoll themesong, imbedded systems, industrial automation, industrial control, industrial design, intelligent machines, itc avant garde gothic, jethro tull, karaoke, lab equipment, labeled bags, laboratory equipment, land of the lost, large women, lauding, letter l, library automation, machines, machines that talk, maker's plates, makers plates, manufacturer's labels, manufacturers labels, maria tanase, master clocks, mechophilia, metal labels, month names, movie big business, name denise, name elaine, name january, name jul, name june, name ren, name sharon, nerd humor, nerd rights, objectophilia, objectum sexuals, objectum-sexuality, octagons, packaging, packaging design, paranormal, passenger elevators, patricia routledge, petula clark, potting soil bags, programmer humor, programmer jokes, programming jokes, rca studio ii, red dwarf, scanomat, sentient household objects, sexy computers, signs, slot machines, song parodies, starblazers theme, starblazers themesong, starship troopers, steel eye span, synchronized clocks, tall wide women, the big broadcast, the lockhorns, the simpsons, the word la, things being personified, things controlling large space, things larger than necessary, things monitoring large space, things which malfunction, things which personify themselves, things with human names, things with lcds, thomas dolby, tv show bewitched, ufos, ultralight aircraft, vintage computers, vintage game systems, weird al, weird al yankovich, wide women, wine tins, word clear, word directions, word for, word la, word leave, word line